Public Scholarship Workshop Series 2023

The UC Davis Humanities Institute (DHI) is pleased to offer workshops in winter and spring 2023 to train graduate students in the practical applications of a public humanities education. This four-part series of public scholarship workshops will be mandatory for the incoming 2023 Graduate Public Scholars cohort, but is also open to other graduate students in the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences. Each larger session will feature a scholar-practitioner guest speaker who specializes in the workshop topic. Shorter zoom sessions offered in between these workshops will be open to all graduate students and will offer training in both academic and non-academic career development based on student interest.

In the larger public scholarship series, scholars will learn how to engage with public-facing modes of scholarship and pedagogy. Topics will include research methodologies and strategies, writing for diverse readerships, program access, and engagement with public institutions and community partners. The workshops will also support graduate students by developing their networking skills and approaches to careers both in and outside of the academy.

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